After ripping apart Technorati's first video blog, I avoided watching for two, maybe three episodes of this attempt at a news show by staffers at the leading blog search engine. Then someone sent another clip. Damn it, here we go with:

What's wrong with the latest Technorati video

  1. Can we do this without it sounding like there's a full cafeteria behind the camera? If you can't get a studio, at least quiet down the office for ten minutes. Clearly that's all it takes to film your show.
  2. Aaron and Liz, practice your lines.
  3. But get a teleprompter too.
  4. "One other blogger suffices to say"? Where did you learn grammar, boy?
  5. Didn't you watch the "Get a Mac" commercials? You can't use "touch " unless you make a point first.
  6. Liz. Put down your hands until you learn how to use them.
  7. Is it the microphone making Aaron's voice come in through the right speaker or did the sound editor have a Bloody Mary for breakfast?

And that's what's wrong with Technorati's video today. Until they post today today's, because I'm writing this at midnight. Okay. Let's do some news.

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