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• According to the AP, it's still unclear if there was any distress call or not from the plane before the crash.

• The New York Daily News identifies the second fatality as Tyler Stanger, Cory Lidle's flight instructor, who was based out of Pomona, California. Stanger's wallet was found at the scene of the crash.

• The New York Post floods the zone, and they're characteristically unafraid to bring up the literally gory details: "Last night, one of the victims remained strapped in his seat in the mangled cockpit, which lay on the street in front of the building. The body of the other victim had been torn in half, with the lower part of his torso still missing." Niiice. Then there's more digging into Lidle's obsession with flying, background on his plane, more details about the Belaire, the building Lidle's plane struck ("It's designed to take impact," says architect Frank Williams), sensational coverage of Belaire resident Ilana Benhuri surviving the plane hitting her apartment ("Escape from 40-Story Hell"), and mention of the scene where Lidle's wife gets the bad news from her sister after arriving at a California airport.

• The New York Times rounds out the morning with a look at Lidle The Man, analysis on the dangerous flight area where the crash occurred, and a bitchin' interactive graphic.

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