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From our venerable mailbag, a late-breaking development in the whirlwind career of Seventeen editor and self-promoting working girl Atoosa Rubenstein:

To: Gawker
From: Disgusted Tipster
Subj: Orchids don't have hairy arms

Just finished watching America's Next Top Model with none other than their special guest star Atoosa Rubenstein. Could one of you please investigate her grotesque forearms post-haste? Looks like The 'Toos has serious issues with some thick, black arm hair. Mind you, we all have hair on our arms -I personally wax mine - but isn't she the editor of a beauty magazine? And, furthermore, she was a judge on a modeling show. This was actual man hair. I regretted for a moment having HD tv... It was really gross.

Sympathetic nods to Rubenstein's ethnicity aside — does anyone have a picture of this? We stopped watching Top Model after Eva Pigford won and started whoring around with Missy Elliot (for some reason, that destroyed the purity of the competition for us), so we've no visual evidence or DVR material for investigating the above claim. If you have any photos or even first-hand accounts of Rubenstein's body hair, do drop us a line. Go ahead, send us anything. When looking to support or refute claims of forearm shrubbery, our bar for evidence is remarkably low.

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