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If there's one thing we know about athletes, it's that they're always up for taking their own lives. Terrell Owens taught us that. And while authorities aren't saying Cory Lidle committed suicide, they're not saying he didn't commit suicide either. Therefore he did. That's what we call journalism. A tipster reports some journalism perpetrated by CNN's Nancy Grace:

I heard this on WFAN at about 1 a.m. A guy called up the show and said that Joe Beningo (a WFAN host) was on Nancy Grace and she was trying to get him to say that Corey Lidle's plane crash was no accident and that it was suicide.

Nothing about that in the transcript from Grace's CNN show, so it must have been some later call-ins. The New York Observer's Philip Weiss is all over the question too, asking sternly "How fit was he to get in behind the controls?". Once we've consulted our Ouija boards, we'll get back to you. And for those of you who keep mispronouncing Lidle's last name, just remember: rhymes with "suicidal."

The Suicide Question Re Corey Lidle [NYO]

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