Last night, Intern Heather, Wingwoman Kate, and erstwhile Gawker videographer Richard Blakeley hit the "Target Red Room," a.k.a. Meatpacking District lounge Bed, for an afterparty dedicated to English pop crooner James Blunt. The attendees included the "Beautiful" (and by "Beautiful", we mean "greasy as fuck") Blunt himself, some cast members from Blue States Lose: The Musical, and a bunch of sluts. The result is the video above, featuring more tard-dancing than ever collected in one clip, plus an ample photo gallery (with captions, even!) of various unsavory characters. Abandoned on the cutting room floor was footage of Blunt crying tears of grease over the fact that partygoers (especially the Gawker Intern and her trusty sidekick jumping spastically on the bed) enjoyed Toni Basil waaaaay more than his craptastic album. Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown of specious hipster fame.