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We missed 30 Rock last night, but a reader's curiosity about the fine kitchen appliance featured prominently in the show's premiere episode sent us to the DVR to have a look for ourselves:

Am I the only one who watched the 30 Rock premiere and, mere seconds after Alec Baldwin blathered on about the G.E. Trivection Oven, watched a commercial for the real Trivection Oven? And then watched the same commercial again, 30 seconds later? And then watched it AGAIN during the next commercial break?

Sure, the reality-blurring intersection of jokes about product placement and commercials selling the actual products we've just seen ironically shoehorned into the show might be somewhat jarring to viewers initially, but in the end, everyone wins: Showrunners get to feel a little bit better about themselves by lightly tweaking the clueless, interfering network executives bent on turning them out as oven-hawking whores, their corporate, appliance-making overlords get to promote their wares, and a demographically desirable audience gets to both laugh at and become better informed about the space-saving features of the G.E. Profile™ with Trivection Technology.

Bonus: During her liveblogging of the show last night, executive produce Tina Fey shockingly reveals that G.E. was "fine" with her decision to incorporate an oven advertisement into the show.