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On Monday, Radar enlightened the world on the matter of Priyantha Silva, a notorious and omnipresent Manhattan party crasher known for his drunken, sweaty sketchiness. In order to gain admittance into exclusive events, Silva assumes the identities of Conde Nast editors or resorts to screaming the proverbial "do you know who I am?!" But Silva's no fool — his party crashing is at least half-calculated, judging from this email he sent out yesterday:

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 11:55:52 -0400
From: "priyantha silva"
Subject: my b day tonight

Rachel Krupa (she used to be Lizzie Grubman's right hand girl and was in that TV show "Power Girls) is having a party at this new lounge (tonight is the premiere) in Lowe [sic] East side down the Road from Schillers. it's open bar

See? Your party is now my party. It's that easy! Obviously, we were not invited to join Silva's posse of uninvited guests, so we don't know how things went last night. If, alas, you were actually at this function and saw Silva in action, let us know.

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