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In this traditional version of the Stalk: Erica Christensen and Kay Hernandez, Denzel Washington, Lil Kim, Hugh Jackman, Jack Black, DMX, Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Carmen Electra, Bono, The Edge, Spike Lee, Laura Linney, Rupert Grint, Jared Kushner, Dylan McDermott, Elizabeth Berkeley, Matthew Modine, Julie Chen, Billy Crudrup, Sting, Sandra Bullock, Martin Scorsese, Mary Kate Olsen, Anderson Cooper, Dianne Wiest, James Fry, Nick Lachey, Adrien Grenier, Harvey Keitel, Kal Penn, Chris Noth, Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Sutherland, Conan O'Brien, Hugh Grant, Keanu Reeves, B.D. Wong, Ed O'Neil, Richard Belzer, Richard Philbin, Will Janowitz, Marilyn Sokol, Hedda Nussbaum, and Fred Schneider from the B-52s.

The ultimate stalker, "Swimfan" Erica Christensen and Jay Hernandez, the nice-guy Latino from the movie 'Friday night lights," "Chavez" in the "vip" section at Irving Plaza to see the Supersuckers and Social Distortion, 10/10/06. She has a rather large head for her elegant long neck, and a body that's just this side of tomboy. Still cute and very nice skin, though those choppers, and bosoms, are pretty out of control. She grooved and sang along to most of the Social Distortion songs, so must be a fan. Couldn't tell if she and "Chavez" were a couple beyond their current stint on the show "Six Degrees" though toward the end of the show she spotted him in the "mosh pit" and ran out to join him and do a little 'just on the fringe of the pit" slam dancing with him while the VIP bodyguard looked on anxiously. Jay seemed a little too"pretty boy" to be interested in the ladies, but that's just my guess.

"American Gangster" is being shot right outside my office on the corner of 27th & 12th. I just saw Denzel Washington with a very 70's hairdo getting into a giant gold car. (Apparently Russell Crowe is also in this movie. If he shows up I will be running outside and knocking people over in an attempt to make out with him.) Denzel looks pretty good though. He was, however, pretty scowly and he spit on the sidewalk a lot. He must be in character.

Saw Lil Kim wearing pink jumpsuit pants, a green sweater with a ruffled edge, a gray printed tee shirt (her boobs looked huge and fake but totally covered up) at 156 W. 56th Street. She had on huge black sunglasses with pink stars on the sides. She was talking to the doorman - asking him to call up to (her manager?). She was very nice and smiled. I said hello and told her that I liked her music (such lame b.s. I know). All in all, she didn't look so hot at all. Not the greatest looking skin either.

l saw both Hugh Jackman & Jack Black at Nobu last Saturday night (10/7) around 930ish. Hugh was with his wife and another guy. Jack was sitting at the table directly behind Hugh's, I think he was with two other guys, and he appeared to be looking over a movie script. When I walked by their tables on the way back from the bathroom, I heard Hugh speaking in his sexy Australian accent. Also on my trip back from the bathroom, I had to wait by Jack Black's table for a minute as two girls were in my way cause they were taking pictures of Jack Black. He didn't look too pleased, understandably so. The man is trying to eat dinner! When Hugh & his wife were getting ready to leave, they made sure to stop by Jack Black's table for a quick chat. Hugh is really tall and make-you-stop-dead-in-your-tracks-gorgeous in person.

DMX on 114th between Broadway and Amsterdam (where I live) in a broken down car, looking for someone to give his car a jump. He wouldn't sign autographs or want ppl to take pictures with their cell phones and just said that he wanted and jump and leave. He was with a blonde Latina-looking woman who looked like what one would call a "hoochie".

Will Smith is filming a movie in Washington Square Park today and the park is completely shut down. His enormous trailer was parked in front of a building where NYU students have classes making it virtually impossible for anyone to be on time to class. Apparently it's some kind of action movie because I saw him driving a car and looking "intense".

I was walking down 34th street towards 8th Ave and was trying to quickly navigate my way through cross traffic crossing 34th street. I almost ran into Ryan Reynolds and we both shuffled by each other just in time for me to recognize him. When he was past me, I saw him with his arm around a shorter dark-haired woman, but I was not able to see her face. He was wearing a blue oxford style button up shirt and a crimson vertical striped sweater.

Carmen Electra coming out of the daily news building at 9:15 wearing all black topped off by a gold-encrusted prince-type jacket. She's a wee little woman.

Was having a beer at the Spotted Pig on Friday (6th). Bono was dining in the corner around the side of a curtain with The Edge and a young couple. When he left his minders were very low key allowing me to go up and shake his hand. Reminded him of a night that a friend of mine had in Monaco where he had Bono in a headlock! Too funny... he remembered - there were some rich Middle Eastern men who paid the bill! Nice guy - was wearing those pink glasses he always wears.

Saw Spike Lee, 3rd floor Hamilton Hall at Columbia U around 5:45 PM on Monday night. He was walking back and forth, hanging out. A couple of students talked to him but there wasn't much conversation. He seemed to enjoy being recognized. Not sure what he was doing there.

Just got back from the premiere/afterparty of "Driving Lessons," (at the Chelsea Clearview/Home respectively) starring Laura Linney and Rupert Grint. Laura looks amazing in person, so much younger than on screen. Rupert was adorable, and handled himself extremely well among the drunk fans more than twice his age fawning over him all night. He even managed a swig or two of beer until his parents/publicist grabbed it away. The premiere was hosted by the Observer, and Mr. Observer himself, aka Jared Kushner, was there as well. Absolutely adorable, incredibly humble, the type of nice guy who makes you wish he was an asshole so you could be justified in hating him for his wealth. Unfortunately, not the case. Fortunately, I'm shallow enough to hate him anyway.

Yesterday, 10/10. About 6:30pm. Dylan McDermott hanging out with a family in the al fresco part of Bar Pitti on 6th ave. Leather jacket, toned and gorgeousssss

Elizabeth Berkeley walked right by me on the street on 23rd and 8th, talking on her cell phone. Was wearing large dark sunglasses (despite the cloudy weather), black jeans, tall black heeled boots and carrying a shabby-looking orange tote bag. Her curly hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

Matthew Modine chatting about haircuts with waiter outside Da Silvano on Sixth Avenue. He rode off on a sweet bike.

Saw Julie Chen just moments ago running robotically towards the CBS building.
I just saw Billy Crudrup in the cafeteria at the Metropolitan Opera; he was getting a turkey burger. Very cute but creepy mustache. I'm hoping it's for a role.

Oct. 9th: Saw Sting on the fifth floor of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Building, getting a tour before he plays some kind of corporate gig with gift bags. He looks great in a nicely cut yoga yoga.

Oct. 9th: Saw Sandra Bullock on her way into the premiere of her movie "Infamous" at the DGA on 57th St. Her asymmetrical, backless dress looks a little precarious, but her skin is gorgeous, and she's rocking the double headband with messy hair look.

On Friday the 6th of Oct I saw Martin Scorsese coming out of the Directors Guild Theatre. He seemed shorter in person. Everyone just stopped and watched him walk by, it was a bit dramatic!
I just saw Mary-Kate Olsen in Milk and Cookies Bakery in the West Village. She ordered a vanilla latte, and of course no cookies! Although, her agent did make a point to mention that the giant homemade Oreo that he ordered was for the two to share. I think not, she looked like she was about to break in half.

Anderson Cooper walking up Seventh Avenue, between 31st & 32nd Street, just under the horrendous FUSE sign across the street from Madison Square Garden. He was dressed all sporty with a baseball cap covering his signature white locks and a coat slung over his right shoulder. The look on his face was decidedly contemplative and he seemed much smaller in person.

A much thinner Dianne Wiest looking fabulous with her flawless skin peering into the window at Shoe Mania at Broadway and 14th street. She carries herself really well.

Saw "A Million Little Pieces" fraudster James Frey dining at Babbo with two attractive women and another man. He was in great spirits, talking animatedly in his whiny voice. A diamond stud glinted in his right ear.

Outside MTV studios on 44th around 6pm, Nick Lachey in his trailer applying makeup for something uninteresting I'm sure. Looked like maybe a video shoot or something. Just a lot of trailers and a table of food intruding into the sidewalk space with some crazy woman yelling to stay outside of the cones.

Yesterday while having lunch at Veselka I saw star of Entourage, Adrien Grenier, walk by. He has gotten scruffy and looks much better that way.

Last night after yoga at OM yoga, above the Strand on 12th street, I saw Harvey Keitel. He must have been there for the Open to Desire workshop. He looks scruffy too, but still handsome.

Oct 12th @ 7pm: Saw Kal Penn (Indian guy from Van Wilder/White Castle) at Greenwich and 10th street. He was walking briskly with a guy friend. He was dressed casually in a green tshirt and looked so very normal. Yelled his name out and he totally acknowledged me like he knew me. Oct 12th @ 9pm—Saw Chris Noth @ the same spot. Was sporting a tan suit and was in deep discussion with a male friend as they strolled by my table. Looked very handsome and younger in person. He is very tall!

Rosie O'Donnell, at the Barbra Streisand concert at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, sitting on the front row. She had a purple blouse on and was wearing a lot of make up underneath her contractually long hair. At every break a bunch of hangers on would approach her to greet her. She was very gracious about it. Barbra, by the way, didn't drop any f-bombs and joked about the whole incident by saying that you can't take Brooklyn out of the girl. Go Babs!

Pretty boring sighting, but....walking home today at around 5:45 pm, I spotted Donald Sutherland across the street being filmed (movie? TV show?), getting in and out of a town car on 9th avenue between 58th and 59th. Looked very old/frail, wearing dark overcoat, hardly recognized him.

Conan O'Brien sat next to our table at Franny's in Brooklyn yesterday evening. He was eating with 2 women at 8.45pm and was super into the food. I think he's a regular there.

Walked by a rumpled Hugh Grant. Wearing thick glasses, professorial blazer, and pensive expression, apparently trying (and failing) to look intellectual.

Saw Keanu Reeves at The Pinnacle Deli, alone and incognito, then chatting up (in a very friendly manner) a gorgeous titian-haired petite thing who was celebrating her 20th birthday with friends - she approached him shyly and he came to their table and sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a kiss, then sat down with them. He looks very young and stunning, if somewhat rugged, in person.
I saw Law and Order SVU's B.D. Wong waiting for a bus on 14th street. He was wearing a pink collared shirt, baggy jeans, black Chuck Taylors and sported an army buzz haircut and thin glasses. Seems really tiny in person.

Just saw the Married with Children Ed O'Neil star loading up on several magazines at the newstand on the corner of 57th and 6th. Pretty much still looks the same, though a little heavier from his TV days.

Spotted Richard Belzer on Thursday 1:45 PM having lunch outdoors with a (male) friend at Nice Matin (79th & Amsterdam), and talking to a woman (fan) about her dog and petting it.

While going to check out the plane crash about 30 min after it hit, I passed by an unhappy looking Regis Philbin, who was walking south on 1st ave between 69th and 70th street. He was looking quite tan and had an extremely well tailored suit on.

10/11—Will Janowitz (Finn Detrolio) at the Gramercy Cafe neighborhood greasy spoon at 17th & 3rd, around 2 pm. With a guy friend, and gesturing dramatically with his long arms. Around 9:20pm on the 102 bus: Marilyn Sokol (Meadow Soprano's one-time shrink), looking like a drowned rat like everyone else that night.

This one's for real New Yorkers only...Saw Hedda Nussbaum (of Joel Steinberg fame), corner of 9th St. and 4th Ave. Talking loudly on her cellphone about how "this was a different kind of back-pain...blah, blah, blah". Rockin' a major 70's era Jew-fro with a half-grown-out blond dye job, totally white in the roots region (I guess she gave up the babushka head-wrap thing). BTW, never believed her end of the story. I think she helped beat that poor girl to death.

Just saw Fred Schneider from the B-52s walking down West 4th street. He wore a jacket and plaid pants and seemed like he was lost/looking for building numbers.