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The WGA has tried a variety of unorthodox protest methods during its recent campaign to unionize reality TV writers: guerilla attacks of network executive breakfast panels, recruiting models to strut the picket line alongside strikers, and gathering in intimidating, red-shirted mobs in public parks. Now a tipster (and a completely disinterested one, we're sure) has alerted us to the Guild's latest strategy*: papering "every door, car, gate,
newspaper and cat" in The CW president Dawn Ofstroff's Brentwood neighborhood with fliers like the one pictured here (click here to see a larger version), a tactic that only carries the slightest hint of concerned parents trying to scare a convicted sex offender out of their neighborhood, and which was chosen after a proposed plan to leave a flaming brown paper bag full of dog excrement on her doorstep each day until the writers of America's Next Top Model are allowed to join the WGA was deemed "a little too childish."

*CORRECTION: We apparently misunderstood our tipster's note about the fliers, which weren't a WGA-sanctioned tactic, but the work of some renegade "reality storytellers" acting on their own. We regret misinterpreting this vigilantism as the work of the Guild.