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  • Thanks to Madonna, a Malawian boy can now look forward to a life of bad food, gloomy weather and falling short in international sporting contests. Hope he enjoys the in-flight champagne and prawns. [Guardian]
  • Britney's bringing PresentableBack. Either that or argyle is really slimming. [X17 ]
  • Speaking of Brit Brit, get your pretend schadenfreude by watching him catch a pretend beatdown from John Cena on WWE Monday Night Raw, 9 pm on USA Network. [MTV]
  • Or catch guitar legend Les Paul at the Iridium Jazz Club at 10. [TicketWeb]
  • "Can you believe this was shot in NYC and not Gaza?" asks Gawker Contributor Emeritus Bucky Turco. Wait, do they have J-Date in Gaza? Still, out-of-synch hate-mongering and teeth gnashing over not being allowed to bring a knife to a peaceful parade are pretty fucking hilarious. [Animal New York]
  • Just when you thought they stopped making movie action figures like they used to. [Queerty]
  • Anton Chkov wants to be a millionaire, settles for low five figures. [Improv Everywhere]