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A keen-eyed reader found an otherwise unremarkable photograph on the New York Times home page, of two adorable little girls posing outside Dick Cheney's Air Force Two, and noticed that the photographer, Dene Mosier, had the same last name as the girls, Grace and Gabrielle Mosier.

Is the Times cutting corners by having its subjects do the work for them? Did the reporter ask for the mother's Flickr address? Which wouldn't be strange in this age of digital photography, of course, merely interesting. So you look in the linked article, and sure enough, Dene the photographer pulls double duty as the mother of Grace Mosier, a 6-year-old Kansas girl obsessed with... Dick Cheney?

"I really, really like him," says Grace, who can tell you what state the vice president was born in (Nebraska), where he went to grade school (College View, in Lincoln) and the names of his dogs (Dave and Jackson). She gets her fix of Cheney fun-facts by visiting the White House Web site for children. It says there that his favorite teacher was Miss Duffield and that he used to run a company called Halliburton.

What little girl doesn't grow up in a bedroom plastered with newspaper cutouts of Dick Cheney, and dreaming of one day living in the Vice Presidential compound in an undisclosed location?

Cheney Feels the Love as He Hits the Heartland [NYT]