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As part of our continuing mission to provide up-to-the-minute coverage of potential Apocalyptic disasters unfolding at the studios where your industry peers thanklessly toil, we pass along this photo and distress message just transmitted from a cameraphone over at Nickelodeon:

"Fog machine goes awry at nickeloedon... Not serious but building evacuated..."

We have no idea what the emergency medical protocol for fake fog inhalation is, but we're confident that Viacom will make sure its employees receive the appropriate level of care. As always, your reports from the scene and/or aftermath of these events are always welcome, with updates provided as soon as they're available. Be safe.

UPDATE: After the jump:

This image was lost some time after publication.

Our still-choking operative updates:

Enclosed is a pic of the culprit, a brand-new, brand-defective fog machine one of the crews was testing out for Halloween atmosphere. Note the melting. Since the offending calamity involved both smoke and fog, I imagine this is the first production that was evacuated because of smog engulfment. Happy Halloween.

More good news: So far, no fake-fog-related fatalities have been reported, a fact for which we can all be thankful.