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  • Business 2.0 Magazine tells entrepreneurs to "sign up customers, then deliver." Which here means "Fake it, then take it" — their poster boy for this idea launches blogs full of rehashed info (okay, we all do that), then takes inquiring readers and refers them to real pros or gets a quick and dirty certification in the area of fake expertise. Sure, it's legal, until the malpractice lawsuits begin. [Business 2.0]
  • Wireless network infrastructure renter American Tower doesn't need stock option backdating when it can launder executive payments through subsidiary companies, then "disclose" the extra payments in the fine print rather than in the plain financial report. By the time shareholders know what hit them, they're afraid to complain, lest the stock drops. [Fortune]
  • The Pee&Poo plush doll and clothing shop. That's just vile. [Pee&Poo, safe for work]
  • And an idea from reader Kevin Marks: Combine Google solar power with Sun's datacenter-in-a-trailer and Edelman's Walmart Across America, and cross the country with a solar-powered datacenter in an RV parked in Walmart lots, serving video to the locals. Actually...actually that sounds so sensible that it'll never work.