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  • Denny's opts not to exploit the famous visit by YouTube's and Google's founders in its marketing, probably because of the Google boys' habit of sharing a grand slam and asking to hold the bacon "to cut our country's reliance on cooking oil." [MediaPost]
  • Pictured: Why do articles about blogging always look like articles about killer earthquakes? [Tom Coates on Flickr]
  • Want to work for the Gates Foundation? [Seattle Times]
  • A few days ago, Yahoo bragged online about its time capsule: "This is the first time that digital data will be gathered and preserved for historical purposes." The text now excludes "is the first time that." Guess someone reminded the PR team about the Internet Archive. [Yahoo Time Capsule]
  • Wired News catches an online predator by writing a program that MySpace claimed was impossible. [Wired News]
  • Economist writer Megan McArdle has a great idea for full, full, full disclosures in journalism and blogging: "Full disclosure: two years ago at a conference, John Chapman and I had a little too much tequila and ended up shagging like minks for three glorious nights." Valleywag commenters are encouraged to mimic. [Jane]