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ESPN, in some bout of misguided integrity perhaps brought on by those fake press conferences they staged with Steve Phillips, has declared certain news sources off limits for its radio affiliates. What kind of trashy, no-talent organizations are so egregious as to warrant an outright ban?

Per ESPN editorial policy, the use of "underground" web sites as a source of credible information within any ESPN platform is strongly discouraged. Specifically speaking, the use of the site "" as a source of credible information is not allowed under any circumstance. As always, any breaking hard news story off of any site must be approved through the proper channels.

Please see me or another programming manager if you have any questions or seek clarification on the web sites called into question. Thank you.

Probably a good move on their part. We've read Deadspin, and, man, it's all lies. Will Leitch doesn't even like sports. Sadly, other publications with less commitment to truth, like the New York Times, continue to print any old crap that comes across their desks.

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