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Yesterday, we offered you some helpful Halloween costume ideas based on your favorite mother/daughter celebrity tag-teams, but we recognize that many revelers prefer to express their sartorial creativity in a more individual way. So allow us to direct you to this eBay auction offering a recreation of the jaw-droppingly sexy, neon, over-the-shoulder nutsling so ably modeled by Borat in his upcoming feature film, sure to be the hottest costume for this year's rapidly approaching holiday. The item's rather modest use of material might seem ill-suited to colder climates, but we believe that only adds to its appeal—the stunned looks you'll receive after unveiling your Kazakh-fabulous look will only be intensified when fellow party guests realize that your shivering is causing the genitals gently supported swimsuit's central sling to quiver like a scared, unwanted kitten clawing at a burlap sack before a drowning. And that unadvertised, bonus feature alone is easily worth many times the item's $19.99 Buy It Now price.