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Curbed reports some disturbing news: Cybele, the Soho based statue by Mihail Chemiakin that has delighted more than a few polymastia fetishists lo these many years, has been removed. Curbed's tipster says "They just pulled her off the sidewalk and put her on a flatbed truck. That's 16 less tits and 6 less ass cheeks for Soho." A simple case of refurbishing or something more sinister? If you've got any information, drop us a line.

BREAKING: Prince Street De-Boobed [Curbed]

UPDATE: Asked and answered: A reader writes, "Apparently the boobed wonder was put on a truck today b/c the entire gallery is moving. Looks like Prince street will be getting a Starbucks or Baby Gap or some other horrifying place that can afford the rent."

And Curbed reports that she ain't coming back. We'll miss you, boobies.