Late Afternoon Blind Item Fun: Brad Grey, Lilliputian Butt-Smoocher

Toiling over in the new Fortress of Humpitude his E!nslavers have constructed for him on their redesigned website, disgruntled gossipist Ted Casablanca coyly blinded this item about a Paramount star (not pictured, probably) who rather rudely called attention to studio boss Brad Grey's well-documented, three-apples-tall stature:

...I just might come exquisitely close to telling you which veddy famous movie star (who does biz over at Paramount) breathed the following verbal evil quote recently. First, to bring you up to speed:

I'm sure you all know Paramount's ancient-geezer top dawg, Sumner Redstone, of Viacom infamy, very loudly dismissed Tom Cruise from the company's movie stables, which are, at the moment, headed by the height-challenged Brad Grey, the CEO-producer with movie star looks and a rep for being next on Redstone's heartless chopping block. Sure ya knew.

I mean, it's such the old story. Per usual, Hollywood's a hideous tank o' over-surgeried sharks, right? Oui, oui ! Indeed, so ready for (further) bloodied waters over at the venerable studio on Melrose are they, that Mr. Mystery megastar joked, within audible earshot of several T-town types at a Biz function, that nervous honcho Grey was "just about the right height to kiss Sumner Redstone's ass."

What a honkin' hairy quote, huh? Pretty dirty of me not to tell you who said it, eh? Or did I?

We always thought that joke involved a different kind of intimate contact, but that's neither here nor there. If the waters are as bloodied as mentioned, then why all the secrecy? Grey would need his remaining "megastars" more than ever, and one of them could probably get away with signing his name to an ad in the trades actually depicting the career-saving buttocks-smooching the movie star so indelicately described at the party. But none of that speculation should stop you from filling the comments section (or our inbox) with your guesses or anything you might have overheard.