More shocking footage from, this time a few blocks east on 27th Street, where clubgoer Pedro Andrade ("Me and my friends, we were trying to run away from the Chelsea night life scene") and owner Fabrizio Brienza take us through Happy Valley. When our tipster says, "This guy makes AJ look like... less of an asshole," we are not sure if she is talking about Pedro or Fabrizio, but we agree completely.

As the kids at Jossip put it,

Says Pedro, in a dialect that is heretofor known as On A Scale Of One To Awesome, I'm The Shit: "We're waiting in line. But you know what? We're gonna cut it. ... I'm gonna show you how it's done. The line's over there, we're over here."

Highlights include Pedro in the DJ booth looking like he's achieved all he has ever wanted in life, and seeing more and more of Fabrizio's hair sweater revealed as the clip goes on.

Happy Valley: viewer discretion advised... []
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