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Writing the world's five thousandth piece about slutty Halloween costumes, Stephanie Rosenbloom shrugs her shoulders and offers up an acknowledgment that should pretty much accompany every Styles article:

The trend is so pervasive it has been written about by college students in campus newspapers, and Carlos Mencia, the comedian, jokes that Halloween should now be called Dress-Like-a-Whore Day.

Still, nice to see that they're finally crediting sources.

BONUS Great Moment in Journalism:

IN her thigh-highs and ruby miniskirt, Little Red Riding Hood does not appear to be en route to her grandmother's house. And Goldilocks, in a snug bodice and platform heels, gives the impression she has been sleeping in everyone's bed.

Also nice:

Many women's costumes, with their frilly baby-doll dresses and high-heeled Mary Janes, also evoke male Lolita fantasies and reinforce the larger cultural message that younger is hotter.
"It's not a good long-term strategy for women," Dr. Tolman said.

There's so much going on here you may just have to read the whole thing.

Good Girls Go Bad, for a Day [NYT]