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  • loses another battle as Visa and Mastercard plan to pull out of the controversial Russian music store. As of press time, credit card payment on AllofMP3 is broken. The site may switch to an ad-based model. [BetaNews]
  • No wonder music companies rushed to make deals with YouTube a few days back — they bought part of YouTube just before Google bought the whole company. One investor, Universal Music, had decried YouTube's copyright infringement, saying it owed "millions of dollars." This was one easy way to get those millions. [NY Times]
  • Sony says its battery recall will total 9.6 million batteries and cost the company $429 million plus lawsuit costs. [Washington Post]
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox both launched new versions, and tech blog Gizmodo says Firefox wins. Users already discovered a vulnerability in IE7. [Secunia]
  • Business 2.0 says AT&T's purchase of BellSouth is all about the wireless. [Business 2.0]
  • What's the Time Warner division making money while AOL spends it? Time Warner Cable, which just filed an IPO revealing its sweet, sweet profits. [Fortune]