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This is a big story about a small moment, but it comes with a big price tag, and a small question about that big story. When Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn poked his elbow through Picasso's "Le R ve," he accidentally scotched a $139 million deal he'd just clinched to sell the painting to hedge funder Steven Cohen. Wynn, who has little to no peripheral vision due to an eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, was gesturing while explaining the painting's history to his guests. After living through the bizarre experience, Wynn asked his guests not to tell anyone about the accident until he had time to deal with it himself. However, ten days later, the news was leaked to the New York Post. Nora Ephron, who was one of those present, wrote about it for the Huffington Post, feeling she was liberated from the vow of silence after the New Yorker also wrote about the incident. So who broke the silence first? Ephron says, "It was very clear who had given Page Six the item, and it wasn't me." Would you cross a billionaire who laughs like the photo above? Suspects after the jump.

Ephron doesn't go into who else was present for the actual elbow assault. Besides Wynn himself, the Post claims that Ephron was there along with husband Nick Pileggi, broadcaster Barbara Walters, attorney David Boies and wife Mary, art dealer Serge Sorokko and wife Tatiana, New York social doyenne Louise Grunwald, Republican beauty czar Georgette Mosbacher, and financier Henry Silverman and wife Nancy. The New Yorker confirmed Ephron and Pileggi, the Boieses, Walters, and Grunwald. Ephron says that Wynn told his wife Elaine, and both Ephron and the New Yorker say Wynn called Cohen to give him the bad news and call off the sale, as well as Wynn's New York art dealer William Acquavella. Ephron admits that she violated the vow of silence soon after the painting was damaged, telling one of her sons about it (which son she doesn't say), but that it was not a security risk since "my son is completely trustworthy."

Ephron and the Post may know who leaked, but we'd like to know too. Our money's on Barbara Walters, just because. If you have a guess, educated guess, or completely unfounded suspicion, let us know at

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