Last time we checked in with A.J., his "friends and supporters" warned us about the perils of revealing his true identity, while readers wondered about his actual position at [redacted]. Today, in an effort to bring you as many viewpoints as we can, we offer you two contrasting opinions on A.J. as a party planner.


Well we went to school together and I can vouch that he would give pleasurable parties at the Waldorf Towers (Waldorf Astoria).

After the jump, the counterpoint.


I, too, went to school with AJ and for the entire four years, he acted like a total jack ass. He used to throw all these parties and would tell all the "beautiful girls" that he would buy them gowns and manolo's to wear. Did he? Of course not. He would also tell people that celebs would be at the parties and claimed to be personal pals with Nicky and Paris. Of course they never showed. For as long as I can remember, AJ has been trying to "buy" girls by taking them to clubs and getting bottle service.....The saddest part? He can still only get cheap girls with wardrobes completely made up of clothes from Strawberry. In fact, not so long ago, I was at a bar and met a girl that knew AJ....she was a waitress, dressed in a lot of polyester, and was trying to convince me that AJ was worth millions...apparently this is what he told her.

Lastly, the following might be the first Gawker Stalker entry for maybe/maybe-not i-bankers.

I saw him earlier tonight at Vento, going down to Level V after dinner with what seemed to be a tall, French-speaking brunette. He was with one of those guys in the Code video who was with his own brunette, but not as tall.

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