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Yesterday, we expressed curiosity as to who might have leaked the story about Vegas casino boss Steve Wynn damaging his $139 million Picasso right before selling it. Witness to the event Nora Ephron claimed it was "very clear" who talked to Page Six, but she did not ID the leaker by name. We have our suspicions, and we admit to throwing out another Ephron quote a little disingenuously — the one where she told one of her sons about it, but that it wasn't a violation of the secrecy pact because her son is "completely trustworthy."

Several people correctly pointed out that one of Ephron's sons, Jacob Bernstein (from a previous marriage to Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein), is known for having supposedly leaked the identity of Watergate source "Deep Throat" while a nine-year-old at summer camp. Ergo, he's got a leaky history. Plus, he's also said to be great friends with Page Six's Paula Froelich. Other contestants preferred Georgette Mosbacher, redheaded Republican CEO of beauty corp Borghese, as the likely leak — she's besties with Page Six editor Richard Johnson. Barbara Walters explicitly denied being the leaker yesterday on The View, which could just be her way of throwing us off the trail. And just for kicks, one commenter pointed the finger at art dealers Serge and Tatiana Sorokko, presumably because they'd be aghast at Wynn's brutal treatment of his Picasso. Four suspects seems plenty, don't you think? So pick your perp.

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