Glaring Omissions: Hooray for Boobies

Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (rarely) or design (almost always). Feel free to remark on these items' relative worthiness for coverage and/or relative stupidity. And, as ever, we're open to suggestions for future posts either via email or in the comments below.

  • "OMG!!! I am 1 degree of separation from the n'orlens 'hottie' who cooked his titty bareing GF! Check out the attached photo(me on left)! I met the scragly man at a local music hangout after seeing him perform in a jugband on the st! he was quite the popular character...we went back to his loft smoked a j with a bunch of hipster kids.. I am famous! yeah for me, yeah for boobies!"
  • "Has anyone written in as baffled as I am about the helicopter that was hovering a little above my apartment (Avenue B and 6th st) at 4:45AM this morning? It was high enough up that all I saw of it was a red light, but the noise was unmistakable. It continued to hover until I had to leave at 6:30AM. I figured it may be a traffic helicopter at first but then I realized why would a traffic helicopter be hanging out in the east village
  • "The people who help Katrina victims range from Harry Connick, Jr. to little Abigail Zuckerman, daughter of Mort. Abigail apparently helped Katrina victims by setting up a lemonade stand on Madison Ave last year with her rich dad Mort to raise money. That, according to Mort's former publicist who was sitting at Table One with Harry Connick, Jr., Salma Hayek, and Latosha Brown (an honoree for helping Katrina victims) at the Redbook Magazine's Heroes Awards luncheon today at Lincoln Center. The former publicist told those at the table that she was from New Orleans and was truly touched when Mort told her the story of Abigail's lemonade stand just before he hired her last year right after Katrina. And how is it working for Mort? Well, she said, it was short and sweet. He has since fired her. One of the guests at the table quickly sympathized and said from today's Page 6/Gawker item, 'it sounds like he fires everyone!'"
  • "This morning at 8:23 AM (yes I was pretty hyped up on coffee on my way to a meeting), I took a pick of a NEW workers union rat that seems to look more like chucky cheese than the gray rat they typically use to decry the use of non-union workers. This one was near a starbucks on 45th, in between 5th and 6th. Maybe someone has seen today the other one. Imagine how important it is to have two rats or at least one that looks happier. Also, in the pick it looks like it is on top of an SUV, but it is not."
  • "My friend went to school with A-Grenier at Bard and, apparently, he makes a lot of videos, which sounds kind of whatever; 'retarded self involved actor who thinks his emotions are interesting' -i.e.- Zack Braff. But the fun thing is that, as you undoubtedly recall, in addition to playing Chase Hammond, the loveable rebel with a dead mom in Drive Me Crazy, Adrian was also in the companion video, for Britney Spears 'Drive Me Crazy', which, my friend tells me, he agreed to be in only if he could bring a video camera and make his own movie of the shoot. Which he did. This actually kind of makes me love him a little bit."
  • "I don't know why this hasn't hit the news yet, but last night during the second preview of Coast of Utopia at Lincoln Center last night, the British actor (and Tony-winner) Richard Easton collapsed about halfway through the first act of an apparent heart attack and they had to stop the show. His last words before collapsing were, I kid you not, 'And that's my last word on it!' He was in the midst of walking offstage and collapsed just beyond the wing. It took a beat before Ethan Hawke and Martha Plimpton ran offstage - at which point it still seemed part of the play. Then Hawke came out and said, 'Is there a doctor in the house?' They also asked if anyone knew CPR. The paramedics were called. The audience stuck around for awhile and then was told that since there was no understudy for Easton the show would have to be cancelled."
  • "Since Ted's Montana Grill opened officially a few weeks ago, Time Inc-ers have been treated to the smell of cooked flesh blown onto the 51st Street sidewalk via a giant vent from the kitchen — not the best thing to inhale first thing in the morning. Sure, Cite next door has been doing the same thing — blowing kitchen exhaust into the street — but the stench from Ted's is particularly stomach churning. And strong. Greasy-seeming. (And I am a burger-loving non-vegetarian.) Maybe it's because it's buffalo it's worse? Not sure. But — eau de bison in one's hair and clothes is really gross!"
  • "Have to disagree with stalker who saw her and said she looked horrible. I saw her at Tuesday's performance of Madame Butterfly at the Met, and she looked as good as any woman her age with fair skin and little makeup. Very blue eyes."
  • "there are a TON of cop cars down across the staten island ferry downtown... over 50."
  • "Joel Berti, who plays the dude stuck between 80's hags Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild on Fashion House got completely sauced at LA fashion week throwing back many Peroni beers was approached by a fan saying how much she loved the show. He replied that he was shocked that anybody watched it."
  • "lloyd grove to go to a newspaper — rumor. but which one could it be? Not NYDN, or Post, so where? Observer's big play?"
  • "model jaime rishar and anthony kiedis red hot chili peppers will be meeting at the gramercy park hotel today at about 4:30 and then may head to lunch at da silvano.. the 2 dated in the 90's for 3 years but split due to kiedis's drug abuse."
  • "I was wondering if it is possible for you to help me get in touch with Tom Freston ? I would like to ask him for 'Finacial' help with a Sports Complex that I want to build in Sacramento , California. If you know of anyone who is in a way with their finances that can Give, Donate , I would greatly appreciate it. It is so sad that I have 'Billionares' in the Maloof Family RIGHT here and they are too busy with trying to have the City of Sacramento build them a new Arena with the Tax payers monies, all I need is a few Million and I will give back to the City and NOT pocket but a medium income, less than $65,000 / year. Thanks for the help , if you can , and Thanks for the E-Mail."
  • "Last Saturday in an interview for a yet-to-be-revealed magazine, 'South Park' and 'Team America' creator Trey Parker revealed a shocking secret: his homosexuality. Parker, who recently married a longtime companion (not, as he implied, good friend Emma Sugiyomama,) said that keeping his sexuality a secret 'was a longtime struggle.' Parker, who allegedly dated singer Jewel, among others, stated that he felt pressure to be seen with women. 'I am not [coming] out to the world as a promotion [for the tenth season of 'Park,' the subject of the interview] but to relieve a pain I have felt from lying all this time.' Parker, 37, went on to say that he realized his sexuality in his late twenties, and at first only told good friend and co-creator Matt Stone. ('He knew before my parents,' he laughed) Stone says he did not view his friend any differently and is perfectly comfortable and plans to be "supportive to the 'n'th degree' of his friend after the interview, and the truth, is mainstreamed."
  • "Gawker got another nod from Alyssa 'Glamour Blogger' Shelasky. My co-worker sent this to me this morning. We laughed. A lot."