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Wynn-Picasso leak update: After favorite suspect Jacob Bernstein came forward to say it was actually his poker- and punk-playing brother Max (pictured) that their mother Nora Ephron had told about Steve Wynn poking his Picasso, we added Max to the suspect poll. This cleverly spread out the Bernstein suspicion among the two brothers, leading to Barbara Walters taking the lead. Now Max writes in to defend himself as well, and he brings a new character into the scenario — Arianna Huffington:

Max in Arianna Huffington's office here. My mother (Nora Ephron) will use many kind adjectives to describe my brother Jacob, but "completely trustworthy" might not be one of them. However, I'm the one who was in Las Vegas and told no one, and am positive she did not tell my brother, so he's not the leaker.

So both Bernsteins claim innocence, leaving Walters, Republican beauty exec Georgette Mosbacher, and art dealers Serge & Tatiana Sorokko. But why would Max mention Arianna Huffington? Surely she doesn't have any connection to this, right? Wrong! Here's a photo of Arianna mugging with ... Georgette Mosbacher! In some ways, Huffington and Mosbacher are like opposite numbers, yin and yang — two powerful, rich, politically connected women, just on different sides of the aisle. How deep does the conspiracy go? Wheels within wheels. Trust no one! Poll continues below.

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