Streetsblog details a laudable but doomed effort to improve the dead center nexus of the Meatpacking District by converting the confluence of Little West 12th Street, Gansevoort Street, and 9th Avenue into a "piazza." The project involves dedicating existing streetspace to delivery, hotel pickup, and parking lanes, all of which would be promptly filled with taxis (even the sidewalk cafe space). The plan's admirable in its intentions, but the little triangular plaza that serves as the centerpiece looks particularly unappetizing (unless you're a fan of sucking down auto exhaust with your app & bev). On the other hand, we approve of the prototype t-shirt pictured here, sent in by an anonymous reader and modeled by a pair of unsuspecting Meatpacking honeys. That, friends, is the past, present, and inescapable future of the neighborhood in question.

A New Vision for the Meatpacking District [Streetsblog]