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Bucky Turco, who has a habit of running into shit in the city and taking pictures of them, is apparently now finding random shit online and taking screenshots of them. This weekend, he got himself something New Yorkers covet as much as walk-in closets and Derek Jeter's manhood, a free New York Times TimesSelect membership.

Somehow, Bucky got logged onto the NYT website as user "dinyah" with a non-functioning Binghamton University email address. He was able to cancel the mystery account. but not before checking out the user's reading habits and accessing all the David Brooks a boy could ever want.

TimesSelect Not So Selective [Animal New York]

Update: A reader writes in:

I was weirded out to read about Bucky Turco's dinyah experience....I had the same one. I went to the NYT site on my home laptop - I check it at least twice a day from home — and found myself already logged in as 'dinyah.' I just logged out immediately, freaked out that someone had hacked into my (trial) TimesSelect account.
But this makes me wonder...could 'dinyah' be a bug? A virus? A ruse? I know the word 'dinyah' means "world" in Arabic.

We being who we are, we will assume the worst and conclude that "dinyah" is part of some terrorist conspiracy to read our minds.