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When the American Society of Magazine Editors select their annual "Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Last 40 Years," other folks reflexively respond with their own counterpoint collections of the worst covers. Matt Haber did the deed last year at the Observer, and Simon Dumenco does the same now for Ad Age. We think these are fine examples of the genre, but we (and you) can do better. Or at least, we (and you) can do more. Just a cursory look found this Esquire cover from April 2004 with Rachel Weisz as "Eve the Stripper (with Nipples Airbrushed to Invisibility)." But let's dig depper. We got 40 years to paw through, and surely we can get more interesting material than celebs in wacky outfits (or naked/pregnant). Send your submissions for the worst magazine covers of the past 40 years — any mag, from anywhere in the world — to, and we'll present a gallery of our very own.