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Snow-locked actor Ted Danson may have escaped blogging duties on the Huffington Post, but that doesn't mean he eludes Arianna's grasp. Somehow and somewhy, A-Huff has a cameo on Danson's new sitcom, Help Me Help You. In her scene, Huffington is supposed to talk up a friend that Danson is dating. HuffPo readers are asked to pick the best one-liner for Huffington to utter; all four variations were filmed for reader review, and with each one, Danson does a more extreme "wh- wh- wh- whatty what?" goofy reaction. Whichever choice proves the most popular will supposedly go on the show. Our money's on the Hurricane Katrina joke. Don't even get us started about "nibble and quibble."

Help Me Help Help Me Help You [HuffPo]