When you've got two separate e-newsletters dedicated to helping New York's least inquisitive former fraternity fellas figure out where to snag some trim you're bound to have the occasional coincidence: After all, there are only so many places in town a bunch of bankers can burn their expense accounts after a tough day of sexually harassing their female colleagues. Still, we found today's Thrillist/Urban Daddy mailouts particularly amusing: Both chose to highlight Room Service, "a spacious, ottoman-strewn lounge ringed by four grades of curtained off, rentable party suites" (Thrillist) that are "fitted with everything you need for a proper night in—leather couches, a plasma TV and DVD player, a mini-fridge stocked with champagne, and a drawer stocked with essential toiletries...like mouthwash and condoms" (Urban Daddy). Again, we don't want to make too much out of what is surely a coincidence, but two things are certain: One, Room Service's publicist deserves a bonus, and two, we know where we'll be doing our date-raping on Thursday night.

At Your Service [UD]
Room Service [Thrillist]

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