—Megan McCarthy,
Party Desk, Contributing Writer

Ending a tradition begun with the 2003 re-launch, Red Herring writers will, at long last, get to publicly stroke their egos with bylines beginning on December 4th. This was announced to reporters in a meeting earlier today.

We here at Valleywag are wondering about a few things. Is this considered a bonus? Will they get to see their names in lieu of a raise this year? Also, what, exactly, prompted this change? Rumor has it that the lack of byline was a factor in several writers leaving the magazine, though, for some reason Red Herring doesn't seem to think that they're gone.

After the jump, a list of Red Herring alumni and their current whereabouts.

Here is everyone who used to work on RH but are still listed on their staff page, and where they are now:

Tom Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, RedHerring.com > Whereabouts unknown (to Google)

Bronwyn Barnett, Managing Editor > Affymetrix

Alex Gronke, Defense, Transportation > NovoMetro

Alex Haislip, Venture Capital, Finance > Venture Capital Journal & Private Equity Week

Anna Petherick, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals > The Economist (poor thing, Economist doesn't have a byline either)

Jyrki Alkio, Wireless > SanomaWSOY (Some Finnish magazine, likely covering ice clogs)

Katie Fehrenbacher, Wireless, Gaming > GigaOm

Liz Gannes, Intellectual Property, Online Services > GigaOm

Priya Ganapati, Computer Software, Security > The Street (In two weeks)

Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar, Online Services > NovoMetro

Ucilia Wang, Semiconductors > We didn't bother to look