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RocketBoom creator Andrew Michael Baron, shown here, responded on his blog Dembot to ZeFrank's swipe at Rocketboom's suspect viewer stats, as reported on Valleywag yesterday. Even Marshall Kirkpatrick from Techcrunch called Andrew to discuss the numbers.

He was pretty skeptical at first but I gave him logins for the various servers and spent an hour on the phone going over everything. He confirmed my numbers.

Well that settles it for me.

After the jump, Andrew wasn't done, oh no, he hit below the belt.

Ze has been doing online video for a very long time, but he uses 1.0 means of distributing his show (e.g. no links out of his site, no off-site distributions or redistribution partners) and he only started to identify with "videoblogging" once videoblogging defined him.

Ba-Zing! Take that you Web1.0 hack!

Just looking at my stats today, I noticed we have over 15,000 phone distributions of each episode alone. That's half Ze's total daily audience on the phone. Lets not get into TiVo which accounts for more than the other half, our daily Japanese version, TVTonic type aggregators, home made aggregators, my goodness, my rant -> .mov files, .wmv, full_.wmv .3gp, .3gpp, .mp4, .mpg just for each episode to accommodate everyone.

And don't forget Rocketboom being used in baubles, beads, gewgaws, bibelots, curios, gimcrack, novelties, objet d'art, trifles, trinkets, whatnots, curious goods, souvenirs, odds-and-ends, bric-a-brac, antiques, semi-precious jewels, and handmade shiny objects crafted in time-honored native style deftly displayed on the fireplace mantle.

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photo credit: Mac Steve