-"Grown women who are obsessed with Disney World"

-"Envious women who can barely disguise their distaste"


-"Pregnant women who walk around rubbing their bellies. It drives me up the wall."

-"Pregnant women who eat Caesar dressing."

-"Moms who starve themselves to be skinny. It makes me so angry because of what it does to their kids. You stop getting to do selfish things like that when you have kids."


-"People who do yoga"

-"people who run marathons. Not just on occasion but like every weekend. And train each day for hours"

-"Cyclists, in the gross spandex and clicky shoes when they get off at starbucks to get their low fat non whip non coffee extra shot of nothing cup of expensive water."

-"Women & men obsessed with Crossfit or Soul Cycle"

-"fat people"

-"Smokers. Especially those who walk waving their lit cigs around. Disgusting."

-"anyone who wears rubber flip flops"

-""Southern-Preppy bloggers"

-"people who pay in cash - if you don't have a debit or credit card you have no business shopping"

-"NJ and MA drivers. They drive like animals."

-"People with those idiotic stick figure stickers on the back of their cars."

-"Men over thirty that play video games. Man child."

-"ugly dads with really hot wives"

-"middle aged or older women who come to the store i work in (it's aimed at the 18-30 demographic) and start complaining that all the shirts are too long and they really want something that cuts right at the waist"

-"Millennials because of their incredulous sense of entitlement."

-"Goverment workers."

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