• News: Post full of shit on circulation figures. Expect to see a similar story about the News in tomorrow's Post. [NYDN]
  • Grown man who's proud to be described as "publicist to the stars" not a big fan of bloggers. [FBNY]
  • Without debating the merits of Spencer Ackerman's firing from The New Republic we just want to say that anyone who declared "in an editorial meeting that he would 'skullfuck' the corpse of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to establish his anti-terrorist bona fides," is okay in our book. [NYO]
  • Meredith's Mike Lafavore chastises Gawker, Drudge. Hey, Mike, we run things into the ground all the time! We learned it by watching you, Mike! We learned it by watching you. [FBNY]
  • If there's anything creepier than the idea of "George Whipple bacchanalia" we don't want to know about it. [Radar]
  • NYT still learning how to use that whole "Google" thing. [NYT]

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