TapeItOffTheInternet.com (TIOTI) is a still-closed beta project looking to create 'Napster Moment with television', the site combines torrent-tracking, RSS feeds, tags and more Web2.0 wankery. In an interview on Torrent Freaks, TIOTI founder, Paul Pud (real name?), tries to get you to recall the thrill of being a p2p bandit for the first time.

I don't know if you remember downloading music before Napster came along, but it was an experience not dissimilar to the BitTorrent experience today. And remember when you tried out Napster for the first time.

All I remember thinking as I was stealing massive amounts of sharing with close friends Metallica albums was, "This can't last." If Paul really wanted to create a Napster moment give the tv networks the Bird, let them bankrupt the company with lawsuits and then turn the animatronic corpse of TapeItOffTheInternet.com into the corporate apologist for DRM-hobbled content. Worked for Shawn Fanning.

A 'Napster Moment' [TorrentFreaks]