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Apparently missing the sweet taste of martyrdom's liqueur, former New York Times reporter, WMD confabulist, and leak-protecting jailbird Judith Miller sent out a letter to 600 friends thanking them for their support during her time in the clink. Naturally, by "thank," Judy means, "how wise you were to agree with me." In her own words: "I chose to defend your right to know and you were kind enough to write to support my stance." Take your pick of the worst offense, from Miller or the Washington Post paraphrase:

She spends the rest of her time as an unofficial Joan of Arc for First Amendment issues. "It is a position I did not seek," she said yesterday, "and I hope I don't have to turn it over to someone else."

Joan of Arc? At least Joan had the decency to remain silent after getting burned to a crisp. Don't think that's an apt analogy? Once again, the problem is probably you, since as Miller sniffs, "Ordinary people get it." If you were one of the ordinary people who got it — Miller's letter, that is — by all means forward us a copy.

Judith Miller's Now Free to Say Something: Thanks [WP via Romenesko]