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Steve Baldwin of DisObey chronicles ghost sites, or as I like to call it abandonweb, told Valleywag that John Battelle fansite, Battelle Watch, hasn't been updated since late September 2006. The lack of recent content can not be due to any lack of newsworthy shenanigans (that's right, shenanigans, yes I went there) on the part of everyone's favorite pseudo-ad mogul, we hope Battelle Watch's absence is only temporary.

The author of Batelle Watch, Mr Bubble states in the About Me:

Remember that gazillion-dollar boondoggle tech magazine called the Industry Standard? Remember how the Internet Bubble popped like a poison zit? Well, the bad times are back again and so is John Battelle.

We miss you, we need you. Please come back to us, Mr. Bubble.

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