Gizmodo picked up Valleywag's posting of the mind-boggling Dell ad filed early yesterday. Gizmodo's headline and the question on everyone's mind is, "Who is This Dell 'Viral' Ad For?", today a Dell employee, JohnP, left a comment on Gizmodo's writeup.

It's not an ad. It was the lead-in video to Michael Dell's Oracle (Open)World keynote address to 41,000 tech types who know it means to kick proprietary a__s. — JohnP@Dell

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Somebody's ass should have gotten kicked alright. John is correct, it's not an ad, it is a PSA to remind you that rich a-holes are not humorous, they are not your friends; and no amount of marketing, ponytails or lame videos can change that.

I also received an email from JibJab concerning the Dell ad.

Dear Valleywaggers - This is Gregg Spiridellis, co-founder JibJab. I can promise you we had absolutely nothing to do with this video. We typically try to be funny :-)

We didn't believe JibJab actually produced the ad for that very same reason, only noting the video used a style of animation JibJab is well known for. We apologize to any Valleywag readers if our headline implied JabJab had anything to do with that craptastic video.

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