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A Defamer operative just sent in this truly amazing sighting of noted red carpet hydrationist and star of Jackass Number Two, Steve-O:

Jackass Steve-O walking alone down Sunset Blvd. near Fairfax, openly hitting on a nitrous-oxide delivery device. The device has a little canister of NO2 attached to a larger can attached to a breathing tube. Steve-O was flecked with some kind of paint all over and laughing like an effeminate hyena between nitrous hits. Naturally, nobody on the street so much as batted an eye. I looked around for cameras but didn't see any. If he wasn't shooting for the show, I admire his commitment to being an off-screen jackass.

As you may recall, nitrous oxide is the very same brain-melting delicacy Steve-O claimed to have fed Paris Hilton before she crashed her Bentley outside club Element. We challenge any and all operatives near the area to capture and send photographic evidence of the cackling girlie-dingo currently stumbling down the boulevard.