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BBC News reports on Google being called before British Parliament to discuss online its policy on online copyrights in leiu of the still pending acquisition of youTube. Google Europe vice-president Nikesh Arora told MPs his company would not tolerate copyright violations.

Mr Arora and Andrew Mclaughlin, Google's head of global public policy, were repeatedly questioned about copyright issues by members of the Commons culture select committee but said they could not comment. Mr Mclaughlin said if material infringed copyright on its own Google Video service "we take it down". But he added: "I just can't say anything about YouTube since it's not our company."

What a cop out! Mr Arora and Mr Mclaughlin then pulled out a nice fag, struck a match off the head of a MP, and preceded to puff whilst blowing smoke up the Parliament's ass.

Say goodbye to your collection of Monty Python skits posted on youTube, the days of Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge are over.

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