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My regular day job is graphic design (if you guessed editor, you were wrong), currently I'm freelancing at a company in downtown San Francisco for the time being. The marketing firm is stocked with the newish Intel-powered iMacs, and being a designer those iMacs are mostly running the Adobe CS2 suite; Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

We brought up an issue to our IT guy about the dialogs in InDesign displaying weird repeating numbers after the decimal place (shown here). The tech ran all the OS and Adobe application updates and spent some time on Adobe's Knowledgebase scouring the support documents for a solution. After coming up empty-handed we called Adobe's tech support, hit speakerphone and started reading War and Peace. As I finished the venerable tome, a support person chimed in and we explained our situation, and this was the response:

Adobe Support: "Yeah it's a known issue with the Intel iMacs, you'll have to wait for CS3 to have it fixed. We're slated to ship it sometime in 2007."

Us: "That's a cartload of horse pucky. Is there anything else we can do?"

Adobe Support: "Go on Craigslist and buy an older Mac."

Us: "You people are dumb, greedy assh...{click}."

Methinks it like a weasel. Don't forget Adobe, Express lost market share because of Quark's disinterest in fixing their buggy software, it can happen to you too.