Flack blog Pro PR and a host of other blogs cover Jason 'J.C.' Calacanis' keynote speech at the Blog Business Summit in Seattle Washington. In the talk, Jason discusses what it takes to become a famous blogger:

How to be an A-list blogger according to J.C.:

  • Go to Techememe
  • Blog something intelligent about the top story of the day
  • Link to and mention all the people who have said something intelligent
  • Repeat for 30 days
  • Go to a couple conferences a month
  • You're an A-list blogger.

The blogosphere is the ultimate meritocracy..."It's not broken, you suck" (when someone complains that they don't get traffic).

Really? I thought it was because of mutual masturbation...uh...I mean trackbacks... yeah... trackbacks.

After the jump, Jason Calacanis on why Jason Calacanis rules

Someone just told me this is the best keynote they ever heard in four years. Frankly, I was tired and didn't know what to say since the business of blogging is so well established... so I just told my story.

That was the opener to Jason Calacanis' post on his site today, as he compiles praise from bloggers in attendance, the summary was this: "I could have done that keynote drunk and left-handed, revel in my awesomeness." But Jason wasn't quite done crapping out unicorns and sneezing rainbows as he also announced his newest endeavor:

PodTech and Calacanis pioneering media philanthropy with podcast channel sponsorships of over $100,000 donated to education.

That's right, he's gone to kissing babies for publicity. Don't get me wrong, it is a noble cause, but he's still a douchebag.

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