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The NYC health department released neighborhood-level statistical reports yesterday, and Greenwich-Soho-Tribeca took the prize for highest rate (23%) of binge drinking (defined as five or more drinks in one sitting, or what we like to call "lunch"). The New York Post immediately dispatched a correspondent to the Hog Pit in the Meatpacking District (or what they like to call "the uber-hip Meatpacking District"). And yes, it turns out this bar is, in fact, one of those bars that serves alcoholic beverages. Not only does binge drinking consist of a paltry five drinks, but you only need to have engaged in such once within the last month to make it into the stats. Such unseemly imbibing is not tolerated at the Hog Pit, as "anyone interested in bingeing should go elsewhere." The bartender says they "definitely cut people off," and she says it "sternly." Consider yourself on notice, B&T crowd.

Saloon-atics Are Still Drinking In the Moment in the Big Apple [NYP]