According to grizzled Macleans' writer Steve Maich the Internet sucks.

Once we discovered the power of the World Wide Web, there would be no stopping it. Billions would flood into cyberspace, changing everything about the way we communicate, educate and entertain.
Oct. 9, Google bought Internet site used primarily for the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material and...people singing karaoke in their basements.

People singing karaoke and unauthorized copyrighted material are some of the best things in life, Steve — right up there with sunrises, first love and quoting Monty Python verbatim. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning, but Steve isn't done choking unicorns and stealing rainbows with his words.

We have constructed a virtual Wild West, where the masses indulge their darkest vices, pirates of all kinds troll for victims...And the virtual marketplace is a great place to get robbed. We have been sold a bill of goods. We're paying for it through automatic monthly withdrawals from our PayPal accounts.

The cranky Canuck summarizes by calling Internet users stupid, "Let's put this in terms crude enough for all cyber-dwellers to grasp. The Internet sucks."

Let's put this article in terms crude enough for an all cyber-dwellers to grasp. The writer is a troll. Best way to increase readership is be a pseudo-Luddite naysayer, then wait for the cat fight to begin. Maich can spit journalistic bile for weeks defending himself against the blogger-hate soon to be coming his way.

Remember the Internet isn't one dumbf-k, it's a series of rubes.

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