Michael Arrington didn't learn much at Wednesday's Blogging Ethics talk. Valleywag reader, Jayson Lim, pointed out that Michael reported on Maya's Mom receiving funding today and referenced an earlier writeup on TechCrunch in April. Except that's not the original article, it's been edited to remove bias disclosure made by Arrington, this was in the cached version:

Disclosure: Ann is a former colleague and so my opinions may be favorably tinted.

Update: A Digg reader says:

Actually, I was involved in a startup competitor to Maya's Mom and we tried to get prelaunch press from Arrington months ago (around the same time as he first announced Maya's Mom) but he wouldn't give us the time of day. Now that our site launched (about 2 weeks ago), Arrington has still ignored us, despite press releases and direct contact...and now he's pimping Maya's Mom...which is owned by a former colleague and friend of his.

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