Valleywag stumbled upon this gem, PastyWhiteSugar, a wonderful Second Life satire blog. Check this post from: Second Lifers go to the movies

...a little head popped over next to my friend and said, excitedly, "You do Second Life!? I do Second Life!"
I'm Peggy Booboo Head!" and shoved a fistful of popcorn in her face, followed by her violently nodding at me, with a conspiratory {sic} look in her eye.

She also pointed out she has alot {sic} of property in Second Life she paid for and that she has a great store we could check out. A store where we could spend real money on totally fake things, which is basically the best idea I've ever heard. Pretty much ever.

This is the best blog I've heard all week. Neh, pretty much ever.