Racing for Douchebag Fame: The Breakdown

Given all the understandable excitement over the Douchebag Hall of Fame, we decided to figure out which of our current crop of douches — in and out of the Hall of Fame — seem to draw the most reader interest. Brave Intern Mary descended into the comment pits for a quick tally, though unfortunately she was down below when recent inductee Steve Damion made the list, so he's not yet accounted. But for comparison's sake, we included a few names which have not technically made it into the Hall of Fame, but are virtual locks for future inclusion due to clamorous reader insistence on same. After the jump, examine the numbers and draw your own conclusions.

Impossible Is Nothing: The Top Douchebags
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Racing for Douchebag Fame: The BreakdownNo real surprises here — really, A.J. has more than earned his place, and Joe Dolce has a guaranteed seat someday, whether he asshat or douchebag be. Lucy Gao dominates the other historical-interest contenders, but with luck, we'll fill out that backfield a bit more with other choices real soon now.