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Over the last few months on certain blogs, Marketwatch media transcription service has been called a "douchebag," compared to a child molester, mocked about his appearance, chided for his inflated sense of importance, and even taunted about his writing style. Not to mention the repeated assertions that he essentially peddles conventional wisdom and rarely says anything of interest. Well, in a piece about Men's Health EIC Dave Zinczenko, (and isn't that an innovative choice of topic), Big Jon gets his revenge. It's a subtle dig, and he utters under the guise of defending the Zinc man, but we can tell it's really all about him. How does Friedman dispose of the derision so frequently flung his way?

Zinczenko has thrived despite the blogs' juvenile jibes, which often contain all the wit of a little kid who thinks it's funny to ring your doorbell and run away.

Nice work, Jon. That's sophistication. You're a regular Oscar Wilde.

Zinczenko shows how magazines can survive [Marketwatch]