In this Old-School edition of the Stalk: Malcolm Gladwell, Michelle Williams, Heath Ledger, Busy Phillips, Dave Chappelle, Spike Lee, Tim Gunn, Gael Garcia Bernal, Madonna, Ellen Barkin, Keanu Reeves, Adrian Grenier, Brittany Murphy, Danny DeVito, Rhea Pearlman, Lucy Liu, Uma Thurman, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Cuba Gooding Jr, Ewan Mcgregor, Harvey Keitel, Martha Stewart, Mike Wallace, Elijah Wood, Will Smith, Joy Behar, Noah Emmerich, Michael Kors, Jay Hernandez, Tyson Ritter, Howard Stern, Fred Schneider, Sam Champion, and Al Reynolds. For a more up-to-date listing of sightings, there's always the space age Gawker Stalker Map.

Saturday, October 28 - At West Lounge's Halloween Party: Malcolm Gladwell dressed as Carrot Top (ed: someone pleeeease send us a picture.)

Saw Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger at Frankie's 457 (Court and 4th, Brooklyn) at noon on Sunday. Were joined not by their rugrat (must be with the nanny) but by Dawson's Creek costar Busy Phillips. Heath was Crooklyn'd out in stubble, cigarillo and lumberjack shirt rolled up to show off his forearm tat. Busy was indistinguishable from the other Brooklynites in scarf and camo. Michelle Williams was tiny and Slammin', even though she was makeup-less and had her hair pulled straight back like you do when you roll out of bed. I seriously needed a moment to myself after seeing her.

Dave Chappelle on 5th Floor of Barneys this morning. Shopping with wife and kids. Man has got some powerful genes, kids look exactly like him.

Saw Spike Lee walking into an office building on 34th near 9th. Was very friendly-seeming and shook the doorman's hand.

Yesterday, Friday October 27th, around 4:30 pm...was eating late lunch at osteria del sole and saw Tim Gunn walk by on west 4th and perry, looking like his perfectly put together dapper self, jeans, black turtleneck, black leather blazer. Same night/morning, at lit, around 1 am, Gael Garcia Bernal walks in w low key spanish speaking entourage, i try to pick him up bc i thought he was a 'regular' cute boy....we both stayed there until around 4am, then both groups of our friends end up at Veselka on 9th and 2nd for laaaaaate late night pirogies. His hair is longer than usual, white tshirt and jeans, oddly enough not as short as i thought he would be. He's a good looking dude but blends in very well.

Madonna at Restaurant 66 eating dinner with Guy Oseary. She was wearing a black and white shirt with a black cardigan. She looked beautiful and seemed very friendly. Tiny in person.

Friday night: Ellen Barkin at the Modern in MoMa. Not as thin as reported by New York Mag, but I still wanted to make out with her.

I saw Keanu Reeves with a woman on 80th & Amsterdam around 1pm Saturday. They were leaving Sarabeth's. Didn't notice her, but his hair was lank and greasy, he was wearing a knit cap and leather jacket, and he looked puffy/bloated and none too happy.

Adrian Grenier walking north on union sq east with bags, no mom and i nearly knocked each other over

Just saw a very hyper-active Brittany Murphy walking south on 6th Avenue (towards 57th) chatting on her cellphone. Overheard her say how excited she is to be in NYC for Halloween, planned on seeing the parade. Sorry- couldn't hear what her costume may be. She very thin and tiny in-person, but still gorgeous.

4:15 screening of "The Prestige" at Loews Lincoln Square: Danny DeVito, looking stylish in dark trousers and dark sweater, and accompanied by who I assumed was Rhea Pearlman, Lucy Liu and Lucy's guest. And yes, he's as short as he appears on screen.

Uma Thurman at Princeton Ski Shop (E 22nd st) @ 4:30PM. Buying ski helmets for her kids. She was gorgeous, even without make up.

Heard the voice of Paul Walker chatting on a cellphone, turned and saw him outside Abitino's Pizza on Bleeker & Carmine Street. He was with a girl who looked a mess. He looked fine!!! Very thin!

I saw Michelle Rodriguez and Cuba Gooding Jr at Room Service during their opening night on Thursday at 11:00pm. Cuba was wearing a black leather jacket and dancing in his private room.

Saw and even stood next to the dreamy Ewan Mcgregor today as i was shopping at odin new york. he was very demure and sexy as hell dressed in an all black outfit with matching beret. i tried to inconspicuously inch closer towards him with each coat i tried on. i *almost* wanted to inquire his opinion on the coats. either he was giving me the "come hither" stare down or "wtf are you doing?" stare but either way i was in the glorious presence of ewan. oh what a day!

Harvey Keitel with a near shoulder-legnth mane of grizzled gray hair in lobby of Metropolitan Opera, on his way into an 8 p.m. performance of Madama Butterfly. He was wearing a gray tweed jacket and jeans. Energetic, unsmiling, he was huggily affectionate with his three friends. And though he did look his imdb-listed 5' 7" (tiny!), he did not look his imdb-listed 67-years-old. The old codger with the wee gray ponytail, whom he hugged, however, did. Was that his wife with him? She did seem refreshingly age appropriate for a film wiseguy who runs with DeNiro.

Martha Stewart at the New York (that's the Bronx) Botanical Gardens' Chihully Nights on Thursday night (9 pm). She was walking through a narrow plant-filled corridor of the Haupt Conservatory in the center of a phalanx of women, not speaking to or being spoken to by anyone. Perhaps they were under orders. Guards worried aloud about their deportment and posture after she swept by. Prison's a distant memory, but she still initmidates the "screws."

CBS Newsman and 60 Minutes Legend Mike Wallace spotted coming out of the Lincoln Park Cinemas Sat night at 8pm. Looking somewhat older, but still quite dapper. He was indifferent to my gawking stare.

I saw Elijah Wood having brunch today around 2:30 at Yaffa's on Greenwich and Harrison. He looks very young, but has really amazing blue eyes. He was with another young woman and was very chummy with her

Saw Will Smith being filmed inside a red mustang with white stripes and a fake dog in the passenger seat. No one said anything about me standing around, until I pulled out my camera. Then a girl asked me to "move along".

I was walking with my son toward Central Park on West 89th and passed Joy Behar. She was wearing an oversized black coat with the hood up and a pair of sunglasses. I said, "Are you Joy" and then told her I enjoyed her on The View. She said yes and said my son was adorable. Then she went on her way South on Broadway. You could tell she didn't want to be bothered.

Sat next to Noah Emmerich (Little Children, The Truman Show) on the 1 train this afternoon (Oct. 29). Reading the paper until he got off near 66th St. Wouldn't have noticed him but ge's one tall man.

Michael Kors, 5:20 pm Running With Scissors at Sunshine Theater, with 2 young men, one blonde, one brunette. Believe it or not, fashion man wears BIRKENSTOCKS with WHITE SOCKS. Holds his big head in his fingers while evaluating the movie just like on PR...and started dancing in his seat during "Blinded by the Light"

Jay Hernandez filming 6 Degrees in the Halstead Property office on 79th and Columbus around 11:45. SO MUCH HOTTER IN PERSON!!!

Sunday 10/29, around 3:30 p.m.: Walking past the Hammerstein Ballroom, I saw a small army of black hoodie- and Chucks-clad teenage girls waiting outside the stage door. Tyson Ritter (of The All-American Rejects) came out and was beseiged by them. He is the human equivalent of a whippet: Tall, gangly, and sickly-looking, with huge, bewildered eyes. Sandwiches are your friends, Tyson!

Howard Stern walking on 5th ave at east 90th street. Very Tall.

Literally ran right into Fred Schneider of the B52's coming off the shuttle at GCT tonight around 6:00 PM. Looked as tired of the rest of us working stiffs, but he must have spend all night in the love shack, his eyes were incredibly bloodshot.

I just saw Sam Champion walking down West 23rd street between 7th and 8th ave.This was at aprox. 9:15 pm on Saturday night. He was wearing jeans and a sweater. Boy, he is really good looking! He is much better looking than I thought he would be in person. Guess what? He was walking with the guy he has been rumored as seeing-the manhunt guy. He is also very good looking and was wearing a sweater that read Prada on the back. They were both strutting down west 23rd street then hailed a cab. The manhunt guy opened the door for sam and sam got in first. Isn't that cute!!!!!

So last night I was at the bar talking to one of the bartenders at Stereo and all of a sudden so walks away and starts blowing air kisses to this guy that was approaching. I take a close look to see who's more important than my Grey Goose and Cranberry and see that it's none other than Mr. Star Jones, Al Reynolds. So I turn to my boyfriend and say, oh hey, isn't that Al Reynolds, and he says to me "Oh yeah, Good call". So, then I turn to him and I'm like, "So where's Big Star", and he says, "I guess she's not here". So I take a sip of my drink and say "Well then, who's that twenty-something twinkie" he's chatting with, and my boyfriend says "Who knows?" I take another couple of large sips and I'm like "Well, he's certainly grinding all up on the twenty-something twinkie now." Sorry Star, I guess Al doesn't only have eyes or hands for that matter for you....

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